I was born on December 26, 2001 in Tournai (Belgium), where I spent my childhood and adolescence. I did my primary and secondary education at Collège de Kain. During this period, I tried out various sports (soccer, dance, taekwondo, Thai boxing and skateboarding) before discovering weight training and gym at the age of 15. I continue to practice this sport and have also developed my skills in powerlifting and street-workout.

It was a big change for me, both physically and mentally. It gave me the self-confidence I needed to start modeling and try my luck at the Elite Model Look contest. In the end, I didn’t get in, but the positive feedback I received that day motivated me, and a few weeks later, I entered Top Model Belgium (now Top Model International), which was an incredible experience. After passing the semi-finals, I ended up winning the final at the Lido in Paris in 2019. This enabled me to travel to the Dominican Republic for 10 days to shoot my first professional photos with Gaetan Caputo and Philippe Doignon.

After high school, I went to university in Mons (Belgium), initially in the physical sciences, but soon switched to management engineering. I lived there for 3 years in a shared apartment with friends (I went back to my parents’ home at weekends). And it was at the age of 20 that I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Management with distinction. During those 3 years, I took the opportunity to take my car, motorcycle (125cc) and … boat driving tests! I also began to take an interest and study personal development, which was to become an essential part of my life.

But above all, it was during these years that I met my agent. Thanks to him, I was able to sign with my first agencies and do all the shoots I needed to build up my photo portfolio. I had the opportunity to shoot with Tom Saint Clair, Matthieu Dortomb, Romain Maurette, Vincent Chine, Marcel Koch, Erick Monterrosa, Joan Crisol and Alejandro Ramirez (to name but a few). I was also able to do my first magazine covers (Garçon, Shots, CenterStage and Topshot) and, most importantly, travel (France and Spain).

Once I had my diploma and my portfolio, I was ready to take the leap. My first professional experience was a runway show for a small French designer (Eleganto) for the Paris Fashion Week 2022. It was a pretty fun evening, just before I left for the big adventure… my first placement abroad. Six months in India, including three and a half in Delhi and two and a half in Bangalore. This experience completely transformed me (mentally, physically, spiritually and in every other area of my life) and enabled me to make a huge step forward in adult life. I had the opportunity to experiment e-commerce shoots (for Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Amazon, etc.) as well as land my first campaigns (for Go Noise, Elkay Hunt, Symactive, etc.). I also had the opportunity to walk the Benetton runway. In short, this trip allowed me to experience / live / taste / meet incredible and unforgettable experiences / moments / cultures / people. It was not an easy life experience, but it was definitely so enriching.

Once back in Belgium, I was able to sign up with new agencies and gain new opportunities (job in The Netherlands) thanks to all the experience I’d accumulated. I also registered as a self-employed person so that, firstly, I could work as freelance, and secondly, I could launch some side projects to modeling that had been on my mind for some time … To be continued.



  • Age : 21 y.o.
  • Height : 188 cm
  • Bust : 102 cm
  • Waist : 80 cm
  • Hips : 96 cm
  • Shoes : 43 EU
  • Hair : chestnut
  • Eyes : blue
  • Currently in Belgium


  • Aesthetics Model Management (Agent)
  • Mode&You Management (M.A.)
  • The Agent (Belgium)
  • Enjoy Models Agency (France)
  • Agence Sarah M. (France)
  • Anakena (France)
  • Model Talent UK (United Kingdom)
  • TheCasting.eu